OUR Story

It all started when…

Going with OURgrain is a concept and a business started by a group of ambitious Johnson & Wales University students studying Culinary Nutrition & Food Science. The concept was presented initially at the Research Chefs Association (RCA) National 2017 Stir-it-Up Conference. During the conference, the team competed in the inaugural "Evolution of Food Waste Competition." The competition dictated a need to identify an industry waste byproduct, and then transform it into a marketable food product. 

Brewers' spent grain, BSG, is a byproduct resulting from the beer brewing process. The beer industry is so vast that it produces an enormous volume of BSG. For some perspective, Texas alone produced 50.8 million pounds of BSG in 2014.

The team decided to fill the need for a solution and create a use for this product. Enhanced flavor coupled with potential nutritive benefits inspired the concept of OURgrain - to take the grain from mash tubs and re-introduce it into the food system as a flour. Through strong presentation and excellent product, the team took first place in the competition, and returned home with accolades on the versatility and exceptional taste of BSG used within baking applications.

Soon after, the team reconvened with a few extra heads, and somehow discerned a way to turn a poster and 10-minute presentation into a real-life business, dedicated to sustainability and delicious, healthful products.

Today, Going with OURgrain helps breweries utilize their BSG in ways that benefit their operation, the consumer, and the world. OURgrain works with breweries to produce flour that is sold to individuals, local bakeries, artisans, and restaurants.

This creative and ambitious team has big plans for the success of OURgrain and its continued growth.

against the other grain

Going with our grain is a unique company due to the ability to successfully and creatively use spent grain as an ingredient.  OURgrain transforms a nutritious, protein and fiber-packed energy source into a delicious staple that is useful in hundreds of recipes.